Yang Style Short Form / Tai Chi for Health
Fridays 9 AM - 10 AM, WRJ
Saturdays 9 AM - 10 AM, Wdstk

with Paul Mahoney
Classical Yang Style Long Form & Push Hands
Mondays 6 PM - 7 PM, Wdstk
Tuesdays 9 AM - 10 AM, WRJ

with Paul Mahoney

Course Descriptions

Yang Style Short Form (Tai Chi for Health)

This is the most common form of Tai Chi practiced in the world today.  This form has 24 unique postures that are practiced in a particular sequence.  Beginners and students looking for the health benefits of Tai Chi without delving into the martial practice are usually best suited to this class.  This class teaches basic Tai Chi movement and leads students through learning the 24 posture form.  This class is suitable for all ages and is focused on exercises that will bring about the physical and mental health benefits of Tai Chi practice.  Once learned, the entire form takes approximately 5 minutes to perform from beginning to end.

Classical Yang Style Long Form (Martial Tai Chi)

This class is for students interested in deepening their studies in Taijiquan.  All of the health benefits of the Short Form are also gained in the study of the Long Form.  The Long Form has 37 unique postures, which are performed in a particular sequence.  In addition to the Long Form, students in this class also learn how the postures are applied in martial practice.  Many different partner exercises are included as well as the practice known as "Push Hands".

Tai Chi Study

A deeper study of Taijiquan, which includes many advanced practices including the Yang Long Form with Push Hands and the related qigong. The Short Form will be practiced as part of the warm up only.

Martial Applications of Short Form

It is essential for anyone who plans to teach tai chi to know where the postures came from. The applications for many of the 24 short form postures will be discussed and practiced.


An overview of qigong practices with different breathing strategies will be taught. This course is good for all levels to improve your understanding of how qigong is used to improve health and how it it used to enhance martial abilities.

Wooden Ball Qigong

The wooden ball practice is an ancient practice that has been past down to only a few lineages and is still not well known.  It is a valuable practice for students to understand the circular movements and energies in their form practice. Students will learn the ball patterns and how they relate to the postures and the transitions for a better level of understanding. The ball form created by Paul Mahoney and the related qigong will be discussed and practiced.

Push Hands Introduction

Push Hands practice teaches us to understand the form. Once students are proficient at form practice the next level is to learn how to use the eight energies. There are many fun partner exercises to better understand not only the energy within our bodies but to learn to be aware and sensitive to energy around us. Several dance like drills will be introduced and practiced.
This course is valuable for anyone and particularly those on the instructor track and a really essential for anyone planning to learn the famous Yang matching set.

Chin Na for Self Defense

Chin Na is the seize and control art that is one of the four martial strategies that are  in every Chinese martial art including Taijiquan.
Learning to use leverage instead of strength to escape from an adversary is empowering.
Controlling someone’s posture without strength is also empowering and a good skill to have.
Several techniques and escapes will be discussed and practiced.

Meet The Teacher


Paul Mahoney