About Great Bay Tai Chi

Great Bay Tai Chi is a group of affiliated Tai Chi instructors teaching the Newburyport and Hamilton, Massachusetts and Woodstock, Vermont areas.  We share common teachings and styles, but offer our own classes and schedules. We have trained together under Master Paul Mahoney, founder of Great Bay Tai Chi.  We continue to learn from him and each other, and we support each other in our efforts to share our knowledge and continue to offer quality instruction in the art of Tai Chi.

Meet The Teacher


Paul Mahoney

Paul is the founder of Great Bay Tai Chi, a group of affiliated instructors teaching in the Newburyport and Hamilton, Massachusetts and Woodstock, VT areas. Paul is a Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) master as well as an expert in martial Tai Chi, which includes Pushing Hands and Chin Na. Great Bay Tai Chi offers instruction in Tai Chi for health as well Yang style Taijiquan (Tai Chi as a martial art).

Paul spent a decade studying hard style martial arts, including Korean Tae Kwon do and Okinawan Uechi Ryu, before discovering the internal martial arts. He has been fascinated with the internal styles ever since, and now has been a practitioner of the internal martial arts for more than thirty years, including over twenty years studying Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan). He was an assistant instructor of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming (founder of Yang’s Martial Arts Association) for Tai Chi and Shaolin Chin Na for many years. He is a former winner of the USA push hands competition for the 170 lb division  at the 2000 “A taste of China” tournament in Winchester Virginia. Paul has had the good fortune to have trained with some top internal martial arts masters in this country. He incorporates these experiences into his teaching style. Paul has studied Qigong and Tai Chi with several masters (including Da Peng, Ermei Style Qigong, and Push Hands with Master Liang Shou Yu), and has taken courses with master Wei Lun Huang and others. He continues to study healing Qigong with Master Ramel Rones and has Master Rones visit Great Bay to offer seminars. Paul studied Xingyiquan with Tai Ngo and studied Wudang Natural-Style Martial Arts under the late 25th generation master Shan Gui Wen, which includes Wudang tai chi that combines tai chi, Xing Yi and Bagua. These days Paul is semi-retired from teaching and teaches only a few classes a week and  prefers to be a mentor and teacher to the Great Bay Tai Chi instructors.